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Our Dr.Abdul Gafoor has a unique experience in Homeopathy, He has been practicing Homeopathy since 1974

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Welcome To Dr. Gafoor Homeopathic Speciality Home

Dr.Gafoor Homoeopathic Speciality Home is a homeopathic clinic founded by a group of practically high qualified doctors with the vision to provide the best medical treatment in a scientific and most advanced way with the use of latest clinical knowledge and medical diagnostic equipment. We have over 30 years of personal experience to provide you world-class solutions in health care. Experience the odor of advanced and New-Age Homeopathy only at DR.Gafoor Homoeopathic Speciality Home.


A special preparation process called potentisation refines the medicines to remove any toxic effects.


Remedies are given either as small pleasant-tasting tablets which dissolve in the mouth or in liquid form.


A homeopathic remedy costs less than the current NHS prescription and can be kept for later use.


By boosting the body’s own defense system, homeopathy can help heighten resistance to colds, flu, and other recurring infections.
gafoor head

We are the oldest and largest headache and pain centre dedicated solely to the diagnosis and management of headache pain. Our doctor takes a personal interest in the long term well-being of each patient. We treat all types of Headaches including cluster headaches and hyptic headaches.

We are the leading centre which specialises in the diagnosis and treatment for migraine. We treat not the symptoms but the root reason for the migraine. Dr.Gafoor treats an average of 250 patients a month, many of whom travel from all over the world for his breakthrough treatments.

We all have sinusitis, however, the infection of Sinusitis is a matter of concern. Facial pain, runny nose, Nose block and frank pus which are all symptoms of Sinusitis. We have got the best doctor for the treatment and, we ensure that you will get the best treatment available.


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I am seeing significant improvement in my migraine, the frequency has reduced. I just got 1 or two in last 2 months and when I took the regular Homeopathic medicine that suggested by Dr.Gafoor, it took care of the pain. The headaches were also mild in intensity- not really migraine type headaches.

Sajith George

Happy Customer

¬†Excellent services and good employees. Very friendly. Will recommend if anyone requires. Since my Sister, Fatima has started her treatment with Dr.Gafoor’s Clinic for Headache, her experience, and the treatment has been positive.Feels better. Thanking Dr.Gafoor for her speedy recovery.

Muhammed Rajab

Happy Customer

¬†I had been suffering from migraine for the last four years. Painkillers would not give me much relief from the headaches and I could see no way out of this problem. After starting Dr. Gafoor’s Homeopathic treatment, headaches dramatically reduced and I was feeling much better than before.

Jacob Binoy

Happy Customer